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There are many different aspects of Email marketing and each one MUST be looked at closely. There are does and their don'ts. Many people want to get their product out there as fast as they can and to try and build their client base as fast as they can. These are commonly called get rich quick schemes. Only 1 out of 1,000,000 of these work. While on the other hand there are those that want to build a good reputation "SPAM". So, we will carefully look at both sides of the Does and Don'ts.



Let's use a restaurant as an example here.

Does: Place a module or link to where your patrons can click on to receive your weekly Lunch and/or Dinner specials. Your Customers then receive a weekly email form you about your specials. This allows your customers to not only tell others about your restaurant but how good the food is, how nice you are about sending your newsletter, it also allows your customers to send it to their friends.

Don’ts: This is often called Email blasting. Your email is sent out to whole blocks of email address. This will get you the reputation as a spammer. Most server's will look at this type of email as just that, SPAM! You never want this to happen on both ends, there server and the customer. It will end up in what they call their spam folder or their Junk folder and we all know what happens. Yes, that is right, “DELETE”. When this happens the email-server starts to see this as spam and two things happen here. First you get blocked from there server and that means all address on that server. Second you get blacklisted. This can be very bad for your business.