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Brand Identity Can Make or Break your Business

Brand Identity Can Make or Break your Business

For every business, a proper identity is vital for success. A business with the wrong brand identity will find itself fighting an uphill battle. This creates a multitude of issues that can easily be avoided by adopting the proper branding. Finding that proper brand is the complicated part.

A solid brand identity will serve as a set of core values and will showcase who you are to viewers. It will be the centerpiece of marketing efforts, logos, and webpages.

Some companies already have their brand, yet their company isn’t seeing the results it should be seeing. This could be due to an inaccurate portrayal of your services. In cases like this the process to establishing a proper identity can be somewhat of a struggle, but one well worth the effort.

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It does not need to be an unpleasant experience. All we must do is ask the right questions and find the right answers.  Before you begin, ask yourself some key questions.

  1. What do you, personally, like about your business?

This might seem like a simple question, but it can actually be a very difficult one to answer. It is an important one to answer, though. The answer you give can show a lot about your business interests and why you are in that business to start with. By clearly outlining what you like about your own work, you can then understand what customers might enjoy about your business.

  1. Do you use your own product?

If you are trying to sell a product that you do not personally use, how can you expect to convince people to purchase that item? Whether you are educating people by speaking engagements, making and selling goods, offering services, etc.… People want to know that you trust your own brand.

  1. What other brands do you prefer?

Although looking at the competition might not seem like a logical step, it can reveal what you like about these other brands and thus help shape your ideals on how you want your own brand to be seen. Try making a list of your favorite brands that you have been loyal to for years. Analyze these brands and see if you can determine what drew you to them in the first place. Do they portray themselves as trustworthy, business focused, and upstanding? Or perhaps they are colorful, community focused, and fun. Examine every aspect of these companies. Their logo, their tag lines, their website, social media, product pitch, etc.… Don’t copy your favorite brands by any means, simply evaluate the intentions behind their identity and make a game plan how you can use these same tactics for your own company.

Remember, your competitors have most certainly already gone through this process if they are an established company. They have defined themselves in a unique way, and through that proper definition become successful. Watch for consistencies from one company to another amongst your competitors. If you see these, you know they are implemented for good reason. Consider implementing certain aspects of these consistencies into your own plan.

  1. What are your most typical complaints from clients?

Always remember to listen to the customer. The age old saying, “The customer is always right,” came about for good reason. The problem areas in your company will be first spotted by customers, usually before managers. These faults could be industry-wide issues, or simply little things that no one puts ay effort into addressing because they don’t “need” to. Always keep in mind, potential leads will turn away from your brand if they encounter too much resistance. However, if you offer them a solution that will solve these issues, they will be far more apt to continue with your company. Addressing these problems should be on the top of every company priority list.

  1. What makes you stand out?

Offer to your customers a comprehensive explanation as to why you can not only offer them an option that is less frustrating and has a more positive outlook, but an option that is different and fresh. This can often times come down to the smaller things. Service guarantees, pricing tables, free estimates, more consistent results, and so forth. Many topics can come into play. Find a reason why you are superior to the competition and find out what makes you different.

Richard Baker, founder of the award-winning web development and digital marketing firm, RedTalkers Website Design & Development, is a Web Specialist, Business & Marketing Consultant, and Social Media Advisor. He works with entrepreneurs who struggle with having the lack of knowledge, skills, and support that they need to create their online business presence.

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