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Cost of Building a Website for a Small Business- Website price

 Cost of Building a Website for a Small Business

First question comes to each business starter’s mind is how much does it cost to build a website for their business? The answer behind this is the cost of building a website depends totally on the size, the number of pages, and features of your would-be website and your budget too.

Fortunately, you will get more detailed and wanted information about the real cost of creating a website for most business owners.

Short answer!

On average, for running a small business you may spend from less than $2000 to more than $10,000 to build your own site. This includes purchasing your domain and website hosting plan, plus, designing and developing your site.

Deeper into the core of the matter!

The cost of a website depends on the chosen provider, the type of plan you work with and go towards, plus, any features and extras you decided to include in your plan.

So, here we go towards hot and detailed steps! We have just started, as we have many things to say below. You gonna acquire more relevant facts and information ahead! Interested?  Keep following us!

So, which factors influence your small business’s web design cost? 

  •  Domain name ($0.99 – $20 / year)
  •  Website hosting ($24 – $120 / year)
  •   SSL certificate ($10 – $1500 / year)
  •   Design ($2000 – $15,000/ year)
  •    Number of pages ($1000 – $5000/ year)
  •    Functionality ($2000 – $25,000/ year)
  •    CMS ($2000 – $25,000/ year)


You may say “wow” after seeing the list of prices above and you may be frustrated. Don’t worry Redtalkers Web Design will help you to work out solutions towards creating and developing a stunning and cost-effective website for managing your business and find your own place in a tremendous business world.


Here, we will be looking in detail

Domain Name

The first thing to build a website you are required to own a domain! A domain name is important because it is seen as a website’s “address” on the Internet and makes it easy to be searched and found you easily by your customers. Remember that your domain name should be short and catchy enough to remember easily as well as fits completely to your business or project.

Actually, the price of domain names can be various, relating to:

  • The type you want and need ( such as a .inc/.com/.org /.net and more others)
  • A place you purchase it from - you can encounter that some companies offer discounted and free domains, depending on the package or maybe the service you require.
  • The amount of time you register it for.

Simply contemplate your industry, consider availability and credibility, take into consideration mobile-friendliness, and price for getting alternative option when choosing the types of domains. Try out the

Read more about the types of domains to opt for.


Website Builder

With the help of website builders, one of the main influencers of the cost of building a website, you can set up your site in minutes. The best website choices open the gates for businesses and individuals to build anything from a single page site to a professional Ecommerce store, without the need for any HTML or design experience and quality. Whereas you can use the same free website builders, but they are prone to include limited functionalities compared to the other developed ones for business use.  

So, get the list of top-notch website builders:

Web hosting

Web hosting is the service which is run and maintain the physical servers all websites live on for businesses. It also directly influences the cost of building a website.

 Generally, there are a few types of hosting plans you should know about:

  • Shared hosting - ($2.49 – $15 per month)- is a good choice when a provider hosts the websites of a number of different customers on the same server, since, the server is split between various websites.
  • WordPress hosting - ($2.95$49.95 per month)
  • Cloud hosting - ($20–$80 per month) cloud hosting is the best choice if your website is inconsistent in the amount of traffic you receive, plus it is good for outgrowing the shared hosting.
  • VPS hosting - ($20$100 per month)- VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) is good for those who want a little more security and stability and for mid-level businesses.
  • Dedicated hosting - ($80–$300 per month)- No need for sharing it with any other websites that you can claim to a whole web server. Dedicated hosting is appropriate for big businesses that have lots of visitors.

Meet With 7 Best Ecommerce Hosting Providers

  • IONOS- best to connect your web store to eBay, Amazon Marketplace, and more.
  • SiteGround – best for eCommerce features.
  • InMotion – best for eCommerce scalability.
  • Bluehost – best for uptime.
  • HostGator – best for help and support.
  • A2 Hosting – best all-around eCommerce hosting provider.
  • iPage – best for a working web store for just over a pound a month

 SSL certificate

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is important for protecting your website and its visitors’ data, as you need to secure your site with HTTPS protocol.

An SSL certificate can help prevent hackers from stealing private info, like credit card numbers, bank information, addresses, names and etc which protects your business and brand. You may choose to purchase an SSL certificate, which can cost as little as $10, as much as $1500 per year, depending on your needs.

In some cases, some web hosting companies can offer you an SSL certificate


Your website is an essential marketing tool you have. So, web design is a key factor for your business which provides a stunning and catchy look for your site. You may opt for an ordinary and humble look or want a high-end layout that is time-consuming for designers.

That’s why, chiefly, you can encounter the design costs range from $2000 to $ 15,000

The real cost of doing a website design is based on the type of design you opt for and the amount of time to plan, design and build the website. Just believe in the Redtalkers Web Design team that provides a professional and high-quality look for your website at reasonable prices.  


A CMS is a type of software (like WordPress, Joomla…) that allows you to create, manage, and update your website content without coding knowledge.

Due to A CMS, you are able to edit and update your website effortlessly. A CMS you have chosen and the amount of customization plays a crucial when it comes to investing in a CMS.

On average, A CMS costs from $200 to $25,000


If you think you have plenty of time and knowledge of web designing and developing then you are welcome to build and design a DIY website that costs from $0 up to $400. However, if you are super busy running your business and just you are not good at tech, then hire, Redtalkers, a professional web design agency that highly satisfies your expectation creating and developing outstanding as well as functional sites. Get your total quote about the cost of building your business website from our web experts.

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