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Top-notch design affects SEO ranking

Top-notch design affects SEO ranking

SEO is the heartbeat of every active and successful website.

. When a website’s dynamics are properly organized it has a profound impact on the search engine optimization. When the search engine crawlers sift through the virtual world, they seek out keywords. When these keywords are properly placed the website gets a higher ranking. Or, when the keywords are poorly placed, your website will plummet down the ranks.

One simple trick to the proper placement of these keywords is to understand reading patterns. The standard for most viewers is that they tend to read everything the same as they would read a book. They begin in the top left corner and read across the page towards the right. A professionally designed website should read in a similar manner. This leads to the placement of the most vital information in the top left-hand section of your webpage. This is where you want your most vital keywords. This tactic will not only improve your SEO, but it also assures that your visitors are presented with your most important message the moment they set eyes on your page.

Working from this base of SEO brings uniformity to your website. Orderly pages leave lasting impressions.

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