7 Golden Steps to Design an Instagram Page

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Instagram is one of the most important social networks that is quite a simple and interesting way of promoting your own brand and marketing your business. In fact, over 500 million daily active users with more than 1 billion monthly active users since it originated in 2010. It has become a potential and productive platform that has been continuing to be in the spotlight of many business owners as well as to be a powerful tool for businesses.

Why Instagram is important for your business? Meet the answers here!

  • the best way of sharing clear visual content
  • you can reach a lot of people through Instagram marketing
  • it’s a great way to observe and be close to your competitors
  • you can engage with customers effectively
  • it’s a goldmine of useful feedback and insights!
  • partnerships with influencers
Now, it is high time to get to know about designing an Instagram page effectively. RedTalkers Design will show you the 7 most essential steps of it.
So, here is what you need to know!

An Instagram theme represents who you are and what you enjoy and it should be a starting point. You are highly recommended to select a theme that resonates your brand and sells your products. There are following various types of themes:

  • White or black border theme-white or black color surrounds all pictures
  • Color block theme- strong and bright background colors
  • One-color theme-focuses on a single one color
  • Rectangle photos theme- highlights the most beautiful parts of a photo
  • Title theme-photos with quotes
  • Mixed white border theme-different white borders among pictures Monotheme-shows the same subject in pictures
  • Flatlay theme- photos are taken from above
  • Vertical lines theme- lines guide followers as they scroll
Your bio is extremely crucial to nudge people to be engaged in your account. You will provide them with a brief summary of who you are and what you offer for them. This is the very place that you are expected to show off your skills. Remember that, your bio should be available for 150 characters. You may contain a name, clear and quick informative introduction of your business, show relevant hashtags, and add your website link as well as CTA (call-to-action) direction for visitors.
You can gain plenty of traffic for your Instagram page by creating a relevant layout and it will be a great guide for your future posts along with social content shoots.
You should be active and consistent with your posting schedule and your layout. Manage your time and operate rules for yourself and be alert and within the daily life of your business, maintain your consistency!
Make sure that your hashtags have not resulted in more than 20 in order to avoid making them appear spammy and put people off. By using hashtags you could get a big audience than being limited to only your followers and it allows you to be found easily. Ou may totally think of hashtags like you might think of keywords for a search engine. Any sort of tag will instantly improve your likelihood of engagement. As for branded hashtags, they are definitely important to promote your Instagram and encourage user-generated content(#Topshop, #YesWeCan, #neverstopexploring, etc). The optimum hashtags are the ones that speak your customers’ language which is popular enough but not too popular that your post will be overlooked in the shuffle. Make use of some Instagram analytics tool so as to discover more new tags.


IGTV (Instagram TV) allows brands to create their own series on Instagram which was released as an innovative new feature in 2018. By making hour-long videos, you can build engagement and improve your Instagram marketing strategy. Using IGTV can also open a form of “swipe up” feature for your Instagram Stories by adding some relevant links. So, you can start a vlog letting them get to know about your work process, as well as you can organize a webinar for sharing your skills and experience with your fans.


Instagram stories allow you to share “moments” of your day quickly and easily. Moreover, you can gain a wonderful opportunity to share extra content with your observers and showing that there is a real person-you, behind the screen, and is working. You can create highlight covers after your stories getting deleted after 24 hours. In fact, due to Instagram Stories,  most brands are investing their ad dollar to Instagram, accounting for 23% of their total ad spend. You will reach more followers and make them engaged grabbing their attention by letting them vote, rate, and voice their opinions and views and thoughts using Poll, Questions, Quizzes, and Emoji Slider stickers on Stories or just making daily live videos.

Try out the 7 golden steps and just witness how great results you will obtain!

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