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7 Things to Ask Your Designer Before The Project Begins

7 Things to Ask Your Designer Before The Project Begins

If you are in the social media marketing campaign or thinking about a branding project, a new website or advertising, and you want to hire the right designer among many freelancers who matches your style and need making your dreams come true and lastly you have no idea how to find the right potential one, then you are exactly where you need to be! compiled 7 top questions you are expected to ask your would-be designer before the project begins so that you can get rid of any doubts between two of you and make the final design about who to hire!

Ask to see your designer’s portfolio

A reputable enough designer will be glad to share their portfolio of pastworks or even offer testimonial from the customers who received these works. If you encounter with the portfolio included not enough experience, do not hurry to turn thumbs down and remember that any experience and qualification needs initiation and learning. What is more, you are welcome to ask some questions interested you about a designer’s works, the experience that may have not been encompassed in detail in the portfolio. 

Ask him about his budget and time frame

You should figure out the upfront cost that you would be charged and how much time they estimate is required for the expected project. Make sure that your designer is informed about the budget you are willing to spend and the time you have planned in advance. You may reach effective compromises in a result of sharing expected information as well. 

Ask your designer to describe your target audience

Make sure if he knows your customers and knows the answers to the questions below.

What are the parameters of your audience?

Are they social media users? 

Do they belong to a particular demographic?

Ask him if he supplies the original graphics files?

Original graphics files have a substantial role that you will not be able to take control of your site unless you don’t get them. If your designer becomes a victim of an accident, make sure you have the original files so that you can provide them to another designer down the road.

Ask if you make simple edits by yourself?

It mostly depends on the website design that as the website is yours, occasionally, you are expected also simple edits like text, images, PDF file uploads, and more are easy to do yourself.

Ask how he approaches a new project   

Give them a scheme of your plans. Observe what types of questions he asks you to understand the scope of your project. Assess his approach whether his propositions to your problem or the goal you want to achieve are transparent and effective.

Ask that if you could associate with him for your design updates in the future

If your designer’s work is creating a new design for your website you can ask this question as well. Suppose, you intended to update your old page, redesign your website, were going to add new visual elements then who would accomplish it for you? You should always look for the designer you want to work with to see if they would be willing to work with you in the future. Since that designer is familiar enough with your website and will be able to find an alternative remedy for any issue in the future too.

We would be very pleased if we managed to contribute to the successful creation of the appealing design in your project in a wonderful collaboration with your designer. By the way, you have another opportunity too. Interested? Let come up with just a “wow” design only for your project that you really wanted and expected.

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